Our History

Kingfisher church was started in 2009 when thirty ordinary Christian men, women and children came together to form a church plant on Paxcroft Mead, Trowbridge.

The vision for a church on the Mead was developed over the previous ten years by Christians at St Thomas church, as well as others in and around Trowbridge, who came together at the end of 2008 to form a team to prepare for the first Sunday service on Easter Day 2009. Since then the church has become well established and built a strong faith community which is known and trusted by people in the local area.

The first prompting for the name ‘Kingfisher’ came one day when Alison Bennett, the team leader for Kingfisher church, had a rare encounter with a kingfisher by the bridge over the stream that flows through the centre of Paxcroft Mead. It is unusual for these shy birds to roam too far from a main waterway, so this sighting seemed to have some particular significance. After that, it seemed wherever Alison went, she would come across an image of a kingfisher. She shared this with the church plant team, catching the imagination and the name Kingfisher Church was established.

Members of the church know exactly why they should apply the term ‘king’s fisher’ to each and every one of them. Jesus – the King of Kings, instructed his disciples to go and fish – for men! And that is exactly what they aim to do.

Mark 1: 17 ‘Come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will make you fishers of men.’